Natural Handmade Soap
?Why handmade soap
I am passionate about natural skincare, so it was only natural for me to take the next step and learn how to make soap the natural way. True or real soap is a combination of natural oils, butter and lye or sodium hydroxide. Those ingredients are combined and once put together create the chemical reaction called saponification to make soap.  The difference between true soap and what we buy in the commercial store setting is that manufactures use detergents.  Detergents are synethic cleansing agents that allow manufacturer to produce cleansing bars in mass amounts at a cheaper rate. These bars do not fit the true defination of soap but are sufficient to clean our bodies and so we all use them. Natural handmade soap produces natural glycerin, which is what provides the moisturizing properties necessary for your skin. Once you try natural, handmade soap, you'll love the difference on your skin.