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Whipped Body Butter
All Natural Ingredients
All of our body butters and creams are designed to nourish and soothe your skin.  I make every attempt to use organic products and all natural ingredients when available. 
Every attempt is exercised to produce our skin care products with all natural ingredients. 
Our salve is made with raw shea butter and organic raw honey to provide superior relief to inflammed and damaged skin. 
​Our lotions are made with herbal and flower infused oils and floral waters to provide superior moisturizing to thirsty skin. 
​Our soaps are hand prepared, in small batches using the traditional cold pocess method of soapmaking.  
Customer Review
Chris W. on Feb 24, 2016 

I am absolutely in love with this Whipped Shea Butter Rub! The scents are incredible and has definitely has kept my skin so soft and smelling good longer than the store stuff I normally get. The customer service was top notch and the delivery was quick! Will def order more! Thanks!!

Kia on Feb 26, 2016
5 out of 5 stars
This is everything that I'd expect and want in a Body Butter. Thick and firm but melts on contact and glides on smooth. Absorbs quickly but leaves my skin super soft and moisturized. I've been using this butter in my hair, on my face and on my body. I'm in love! Fast shipping, free samples and great customer service. I highly recommend this selle

  1. Whipped Body Butters
    Our whipped body butters and lotions are prepared using raw shea butter, coconut oil and various nourishing oils. These creams are great for daily hair or skin moisturizing. Many have said that it works great for dry, damaged and inflamed skin. Some have reported shea butter aiding to fade dark spots or blemishes on the skin. My family and I have been using my special formula for years as part of our daily skin care routine.
  2. Beard and Hair Care
    Our hair rubs are made with raw shea butter, coconut oils and a nourishing combination of oils just right for your hair. This creamy mixture can be used to add sheen, define curls and locs or simply use for daily scalp moisture and nourishment.
  3. Hand Made Soap
    All of our soaps are traditionally made using the "cold process" method. Most of our soaps are prepared using all natural ingredients and some are colored using micas, iron oxides or natural botanicals when available. Take a look at the individual product description for a list of ingredients. Sustainable palm oil is used in some of my recipes. Soaps that are palm free with have that designation in the description.
  4. Salves & Balms
    Our salves are used for minor cuts and bruises. Our salves will be prepared with flower or herb infused oils designed to target specific skin ailments.
  5. Bath Sparklers & Treats
    Our bath sparklers are bath bombs and are the ultimate bath luxury. They are prepared with various bath salts and skin loving oils and butters to leave your skin feeling silky and soothe. It's a great addition to your bath routine to provide relaxation or a romantic experience with your love. These also make great gifts for anyone that deserves a bit of tranquility.
Est. 2016
Welcome to CherriRub. I have been crafting whipped body butters and lotions for about 8 years. I started preparing my own skin-care decoctions at home because I was finding that commercially prepared creams and lotions were not enough to keep my children's skin moisturized and soft.  Two of my 4 children also suffered with eczema and it was challenging to keep their skin healthy. I started looking for alternatives, which was when I got the idea to start making my own lotions.  I was intrigued with the idea that I could control what went on and into our skin. I never turned back and now I make these creams for my friends, family and anyone that wants simple, natural products to nourish their skin.